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Ongaku Express Music Store specializes in selling rare Japanese Music CD, DVD, publication, and memorabilia. The genre that we are focusing on includes Visual Kei, Alt. Rock, Punk, and Metal. New items every week so come visit our store often! We ship from three locations: Japan, Canada, and Shanghai, China. 

We may not list items in the store, but that does not mean we cannot ship it to you. If you are looking for something special that is not listed, contact us and we will find it for you.

Some of the popular artists that we cover:

Dir en grey       X Japan       Gazette       Loudness       Luna Sea

L’arc en ciel      Vamps     Kaya      Alice Nine      SID      D=out      D

Kiryu      Royz       Nightmare      D’espairsray      Pierrot      Miyavi

Diaura       Mejibray      Daizystripper      Lycaon     Golden Bomber

Rentrer en soi      Vidoll      Gotcharocka       Plastic Tree      Gackt

Hi-standard      Balzac      The Blue Hearts      Sex Machineguns

Sound Horizon       Egoist      Kalafina      Haruna Runa

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